TCIA’s mission as a trade association is to advance tree care businesses.

One of the primary ways to protect and advance the industry is by influencing public policy in a direction favorable for our members.

OSHA Separate Standard

OSHA Separate Standard

Tree Care Workers Need a Safety Standard



We know there are many issues facing tree care companies in the United States today. TCIA’s team advocates to look out for our members and advance our industry.

Legislative Day on the Hill

Legislative Day on the Hill

Making our voices heard through grassroots efforts in the states and through direct action by TCIA’s lobbyists, staff, and members, your industry’s trade association works to promote the interests of commercial and utility arboriculture.

Get Involved

Get Involved

No one knows tree care better than you – so make your voice heard!

What is VFT-PAC?

What is VFT-PAC?

The Voice for Trees Political Action Committee (VFT-PAC) is the Tree Care Industry Association’s political advocacy voice for the tree care industry.

Latest News

Latest News

Social Media

Social Media

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With a focus on mechanization, articles include:

Economics of Mechanization: Rise of the Machines

Purchasing Tree-Service Equipment - Maximizing Margin

Grapple Booms and Mechanization: Revisiting the Industrial Revolution

Additional features include:
Incidental Line Clearance: What Arborists Need to Know About Working Around Utilities

Tree-Related Electrical Incidents: Us Vs. Them

ON THE COVER: Rancho Tree Service employs a Sennebogen material handler to reach across a waterway to access a tree. Photo courtesy of Rancho Tree Service. For more on Rancho Tree’s mechanization, see the article starting on page 12.

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Courtney and Audra Kelly began ArborTech in 2008. A few years into the business they reached six ...full-time employees. They now have 16 employees comprising three to four crews, a sales team and an office staff. “The key to success is providing the best service, having a work ethic that beats the competition and forming relationships,” says Courtney. “What sets us apart is listening to people and establishing connections.”

In 2014, they became members of TCIA. “TCIA was and still is the resource we tap into to move forward,” the couple says. “They definitely have been the biggest contributor to our success on the administrative side.”

ArborTech is one of an elite group of tree care companies that hold dual Accreditation, both Residential and Utility Contractor (UC). They earned the Residential credential in August 2022 and UC in February of this year.

To learn more about ArborTech and their accreditation experience, read the full article in the May 2023 issue of TCI Magazine at tcimag.tcia.org or link in our bio.

All photos courtesy of @ArborTechTreeRemovalExperts
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Attention all TCIA members! Voting is ongoing on proposed changes to the TCIA bylaws. So far, about... a third of the members have weighed in, so there is still a need and some time for your help to review and vote. Changes can be seen at https://member.tcia.org/tcia-bylaws-update/. Check your inbox for your company's electronic ballot (only one was sent to the primary contact for each firm). Any questions, email us at elections.tcia.org.

We are also looking for volunteers to serve on the Nominations Committee. Please email us at elections@tcia.org if you are interested.

How will the Farm Bill impact your tree care business?

The Farm Bill is a multi-year ...legislation that is evaluated every five years. It authorizes funding for various programs related to agriculture, food, forestry, energy, and research in the United States. The last Farm Bill was enacted in 2018, and many of its programs are set to expire on September 30, 2023, unless policymakers extend their authorization or reauthorize them as part of a new Farm Bill. The Farm Bill's forestry title supports efforts to resolve nature-related challenges, such as wildfires, and is carried out by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and its agency, the Forest Service (USFS).

The 118th Congress is working on reauthorizing the Farm Bill, and negotiations are led by the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition & Forestry and the House Committee on Agriculture. The severity and occurrence of wildfires are increasing, and the Forest Service must increase its timber production to support the industry and prevent wildfires. Additionally, invasive pests are a concern, and members of Congress are looking for ways to address them, such as through pesticide preemption.

As Congress moves closer to advancing the next Farm Bill, TCIA will follow impactful provisions and provide an overview of the agreed-upon Farm Bill. TCIA will continue to promote the responsible use of pesticides and will consider solutions to the nation’s wildfire challenge.

To learn more about the current Farm Bill negotiations, read or listen the full article in the May 2023 issue of TCI Magazine at tcimag.tcia.org or link in our bio.

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The Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) is a trade association of 2,300 tree care firms and affiliated companies worldwide and was established in 1938 as the National Arborist Association.

Our mission is to advance tree care businesses. TCIA develops safety and education programs, standards of tree care practice and management information for tree and landscape firms around the world. We provide continuing education, training, conferences and publications to promote the safe and appropriate practice of tree care.

Since 1938, TCIA has been working to elevate the standards of commercial and utility tree care. TCIA supports, promotes and educates our members so that they may be more successful in their activities and the environment in which we live will be significantly improved.

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