For far too long, tree care has been governed by a patchwork of ill-fitting safety standards designed for other industries and, as such, the approach fails to consider the unique hazards facing arborists.

For almost two decades, members of the tree-care industry have encouraged OSHA to publish an industry-specific standard, and while the Agency has maintained the rulemaking on the regulatory agenda, it has been consistently delayed.

Every year that these standards are pushed back, tree-care workers suffer preventable injuries that could be avoided with the issuance of tree-care-specific guidelines.

After OSHA once again missed its own deadline for the issuance of a safety standard, it has become clear that a comprehensive full membership push to Congress encouraging priority to be placed on the tree care standard is required.

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By making your voice heard, you are directly contributing to a better and safer future for the tree-care industry.

Photo by Matthew Larkin on Unsplash

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